Hoang Lien National Park

Hoang Lien National Park is located in territory of Sa Pa town of communes: San Sa Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ban Ho of Sa Pa district, a part of Van Ban district – Lao Caiprovince and two communes Muong Khoa, Than Thuoc of Than Uyen district – Lai Chau province.

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Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin Village is located in Ta Phin Commune, Sa Pa District, about 12km northeast of Sa Pa Town. The village is surrounded by mountains and owns spectacular rice terraces.

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Can Cau Market

Sprawling near the banks of a river, Can Cau Market is a clearly defined shantytown, packed with crude stalls covered with thatched roofs. The start of a few simple settlements can be seen high above, many of whose residents now make their weekly pilgrimage to the market.

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Bac Ha Market

Located about 76 km from the train station, Bac Ha is a remote district of Lao Cai province. Bac Ha market which takes place every Sunday is famous for the originality and authenticity that the traders still preserve.

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The Mansion Of Vuong Family

The mansion of Vuong family ( Vuong Chi Sinh) located in Xa Phin districts, Dong Van, Ha Giang. It is far about 24 kilometers from Dong Van. This is a beautiful and unique architecture of upland. The structure has been classified as a relic from 1993.

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